how i finally learned to market my books

Author Josie Robinson   Photo Credit:    Emma Robinson

Author Josie Robinson

Photo Credit: Emma Robinson

I created Evergreen Authors because I felt like there was a lot of useful information and support for me as an independent author during the writing and publishing process, but not so much once my books were actually published.

In fact, most of the advice I got was just plain wrong.

Much of the guidance I got from the publishing industry, like: 

"Get as many likes and followers as you can on social media"

"Start blogging every week to build your SEO"

"Give away your book for free to build your email list"

"Spend loads of money on expensive Facebook or BookBub ads"

And so on and so on...just didn't work.

It seemed like everyone I spoke to about book marketing viewed it as good luck or just plain mystery as to what really worked to sell books.

So, I decided to go outside the publishing world and learn from people in technology and e-commerce who were selling things online (and hugely successful doing so) to learn how to sell my books. 

What I learned from them is that there's a formula for selling things, and you can use it for pretty much anything - including books.

Once I started using this formula, my book sales took off: I went from selling 150 books a year online, to 150 books a month on Amazon alone. Working much less than I had been working before.

Soon after that, my author friends started asking me what my secret was for selling so many books since I didn't blog, wasn't active on social media, and only had one book published at the time. 

I shared my formula with them...and when they started using it, saw jumps in their sales too.

I began getting calls from authors I didn't know asking if they could hire me, so I started doing 1:1 book marketing consulting and created an online masterclass to teach them the formula.

I realized authors were hungry for another way of doing business, a way that didn't require constant blogging, pumping out new books each month, or spending hours carefully crafting inspirational social media posts.

That's how Evergreen Authors began. I created this space to teach this formula to as many authors as I can who are looking for an alternative way of marketing their book.

One that works.

I call my formula the Evergreen Author Blueprint because it's just like an evergreen tree: It retains its green leaves year-round and is completely sustainable. This simple blueprint will deliver results and grow your audience of ideal readers year-round. 

And just like an evergreen tree, once the tree is planted, it doesn't take much work to maintain and enjoy those green leaves. 

But, it does take work to plant the tree; your Evergreen Book Marketing System will take some work to set up. The good news is, once you've got your Evergreen book sales system in place it takes little effort to maintain it.

Just like those beautiful evergreen trees.

You must grow like a tree, not like a mushroom.
— Janet Erskine Stuart