Q & A: What is an underused book marketing tactic that actually works?

Book marketing Q & A: What is an underused book marketing strategy that actually works? Find the answer in our weekly blog for authors!

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What is an underused marketing tactic authors that actually works?

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(3 minute video)

Roseanne - Evergreen Authors

Roseanne - Evergreen Authors

Roseanne says:

Authors are always asking us what are some ways they SHOULD be promoting their book but aren't.

Our answer: a mail marketing campaign!

Is this old school? Yep. But hear us out.

Nowadays we are bombarded with social media advertisements that all look the same. Are those effective?

Sure, sometimes.

But there is something very special about having someone send you a book in the mail because they know you'll love it.

That kind of personal touch can't be matched!

If you are interested in a mail marketing campaign, try this:

  1. Figure out how many books you are willing to part with for this effort.

  2. Hop on to social media to find some influencers or organizations you might not be connected with, and find a mailing address for them.

  3. Write a personal note explaining why you are giving them your book and how you think you can partner with them.

Follow up with an email in a few weeks, making sure they received your gift!


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