Q & A: Should I even be printing books nowadays?

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The book marketing question this week is:

Should I even be printing books nowadays?

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Roseanne - Evergreen Authors

Roseanne - Evergreen Authors

Roseanne says:

This is a great question!

Do people even read print books anymore?

The answer is yes! They do!

But how great is it that we live in a time when we have so many different ways to "read"? From print books to e-books to audiobooks, you have many options to choose from.

If you're struggling about whether or not to print any copies of your books ask yourself:

  1. Is my book highly visual?

  2. Is having a physical copy of the book important for my audience?

  3. What might be the best medium for my audience?

A couple more things to consider:

1. The more options you have for people to get your book, the better!

2. It's never too late to add a different medium for your book.

In fact, creating an audiobook months or even years after your book comes out might be a great way to "relaunch"!


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