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The Ultimate Book Marketing Planner

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It takes a village to raise a book - you don’t have to do this marketing stuff alone.

Here at Evergreen Authors, we want all authors to succeed because we believe the right book, in the right hands, can completely change the course of someone's life.

Our mission is to make that magical book matchmaking process happen over and over again.

So, let us show you how to get off that book marketing hamster wheel and market your book in a more efficient and effective way so you can have more time to write those stories that uplift and inspire the world.

Or, so that you can have more free time to do things you actually enjoy doing…because life is too darn short to do otherwise!

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what’s inside the free ultimate book marketing planner:

Our planner, along with all our content and courses, follow the Evergreen Way - which means the information given is simple and sustainable.

We don’t promote the latest book marketing fad or expensive gimmicks that game the NYT bestseller list - what we do offer is commonsense advice that we’ve learned over the years as working authors, and from other authors on the frontline of the publishing industry.

Our main goal is to give authors tools that help them free up their time to write, instead of spending any more wasted time on book marketing efforts that just don't work.

So if any of our resources help you do that, we’re happy!

How To simplify your book marketing strategy in 3...2...1...

Free book marketing planner for indie authors!

Book Marketing Basics:

The Ultimate Book Marketing Planner

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