Q & A: Do I need a press release for my book?

Book marketing Q & A: Do I really need a press release for my book? Find the answer in our weekly blog for authors!

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Do I need a press release for my book?

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Roseanne says:

Roseanne - Evergreen Authors

Roseanne - Evergreen Authors

Good question!

We get asked this one ALL the time.

The short answer is... Probably not.

There are so many different ways to get ahold of media nowadays, and while press releases can be very formal and helpful for some, they are certainly not the only way to let people know what you have going on.

If you DO have a formal press release created for your book or any event you have surrounding your book, be sure to use it to its full advantage by:

1. Blasting it out and following up one week later

2. Including it as part of your "media kit" on your website (learn how to create an author media kit step-by-step in my Bestseller Bootcamp course)

3. Being very intentional about who receives your press release


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