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Must-Read Marketing Books for Authors

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best marketing books for authors

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Usually when people think about marketing books, they go straight Seth Godin or Tim Grahl.

We love those guys, but at Evergreen Authors we feel like book marketing is about much more than just selling books.

It’s about making connections and relationships with people, and most importantly, finding a book marketing strategy that’s fun and sustainable and works for YOU.

Here are both of our top picks of books that are not-technically marketing books, plus some that actually are, we think all authors should read on the road to publishing success:

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Roseanne’s Top Picks:

Roseanne - Cofounder Evergreen Authors

Roseanne - Cofounder Evergreen Authors

  1. The Art of Asking by amanda palmer

Wait, isn’t Amanda Palmer a singer? Yes, but creative artists have a whole lot in common if you think about it. The Art of Asking is all about Amanda’s brilliant and totally organic way of creating community using crowdfunding. Any author who is feeling nervous about asking for help or unsure what a creative life really means for them will love this book. I suggest listening to this book on audio, so you can hear Amanda’s voice and listen to some of her music. You can get the audiobook version right here.

2. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

This book often winds up on the top of motivational book lists, and rightfully so. We are creatures of habit each and every day, and those of you in the creative arts need to understand how habits can make or break your book marketing success or failure. The Power of Habit is a great reminder to authors that if they want their marketing efforts to work, they need to make them into habits.

3. Do Over by Jon Acuff

Again, this isn’t a marketing book as much as it’s a book about the realities of creative life. Jon goes through the ups and downs of his writing career, the signs that it was time to “do over”, and the signs that, even though it was hard, he needed to keep going. If you are an author who has been in the trenches for some time and might be feeling discouraged, Do Over is a great book to set you back on track.

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Josie’s Top Picks:

Josie - Cofounder Evergreen Authors

Josie - Cofounder Evergreen Authors

  1. 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall

This book changed everything for me when it came to selling books. I was familiar with the 80/20 theory of how 20% of what you do leads to 80% of your results - but had never thought about it in terms of book marketing. Once I began applying 80/20 marketing principals to my business I started getting much better results (while working way less than I had been before.) Perry’s Expanding Universe theory where you start with a smaller targeted audience of ideal customers, then expand to a larger audience is something I continue to use every time I’m launching a new book marketing campaign.

2. The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz

For authors who want to create a thriving business around their book, Mike Michalowicz’s books are invaluable reading. The Pumpkin Plan is a personal favorite of mine because it has so many useful strategies for authors starting up a business. This book is essentially a simple guide for beginning entrepreneurs on how to build + expand their company, and includes some traditional and some unconventional methods (which appeals to us creative types.) The main example in the book is of the business strategies used by award-winning pumpkin farmers. Although the example seems a bit quirky, it exemplifies the business world perfectly.

3. Buzz by Roseanne Cheng & Dara Beevas

There’s a lot of books out there about book marketing, but this one is the most commonsense (and no, this book isn’t on my list just because it was written by my fellow Evergreen Authors founder, Roseanne Cheng:) Buzz: The Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing is one of my top picks because the wisdom inside is extremely useful for authors. I love that it’s written in a Q & A format so you can flip to whatever book marketing question you have and get it answered immediately…because let’s face it authors, we have a zillion questions when it comes to book marketing! All the biggest questions about book marketing are in here and the answers are extremely helpful and super motivating as well.