Q & A: How can I share endorsements for my book without bragging?

Book marketing Q and A: How do I share endorsements for my book without bragging? Find the answer in our weekly blog for authors!

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How can I share endorsements for my book without bragging?

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Roseanne - Evergreen Authors

Roseanne - Evergreen Authors

Roseanne says:

Good question!

As consumers of media, we are all very sensitive to the WAY people sell to us. While posting all your wonderful reviews can be a great way to let people know that your book is well received, you definitely want to be careful to not sound too annoying or braggy.

Here's our advice:

  1. Create a very simple graphic with the review and the attribution. Reviews without a name attached to them get ignored. Make a connection with that person, and be clear that you are grateful to them. (PS - Canva is a fantastic FREE site to help you quickly create high-quality graphics)

  2. Post a couple words of gratitude about the review. Don't go overboard. Just a quick, "So grateful for this amazing review from X!" is plenty.

  3. Don't over post. Remember-- this marketing business is a long game. Collect all your reviews in a google doc and schedule them out to social media. Maybe you only post them once or twice a month.

The marketing rule is generally 90/10. 90% of what you post should be helpful to your audience, and 10% can be self promotion. Posting great reviews of your book definitely falls into the 10% category, so dole your glowing reviews out carefully!


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